Living Boardcasting Channels

Living Boardcasting Channels

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Living Boardcasting Channels (LBC) is a cross OS display builder like no other, it is at the core the Digital Signage
platform. It is where you will spend most of your time building, configuring, controlling and maintaining your
complete digital signage platform. And because the LBC plays such a vital role in the success of your final
product, we felt we had to deliver an amazing platform which can deliver ease of use without compromising
functionality; and that’s exactly what we did. Using the Studio application you can create any number of
campaigns. The campaign unify a set of timelines which together construct your final display output. Below are
some of the key features that are part of the Studio.

We Provide
Your Contents


Layout design
Media control, Upload and preview
Media play back Timeline and Sequences
User Level Management
Multi Language
Unlimited Location control
Powerful Scenes Function link up with Google /
facebook / youtube / dropbox….
Real time Station Control and monitoring
Player Watch Dog control
Windows, Android playback support
MMS Server supported
Video format : avi / mpg / mp4 / wmv
Audio format: mp3 / wav
Graphic : jpg / png / bmp
Text Format : txt / xml